about us


The Reverends Beatrice Gaulton-Bishop and John and Doris Horning founded the International Spiritualist Alliance of New Westminster, British Columbia in 1959. On September 25th of that year the ISA was incorporated as a church under the Society Act, with all rights and privileges, including the right to solemnize marriages. The ISA is a federally registered charity with the authority to issue tax-deductible receipts.

Initially, the primary objectives were to hold development circles and to train ministers in the spiritualist philosophy, which has a core belief that death is the gateway to a greater expression of life. They began with a small group of people who met in their homes.

The ISA grew, and in 1979 a permanent home for the Sunday services, Wednesday evening speakers, and workshops for mediums was established in a location on 8th Street near Royal Avenue in New Westminster. Since 2006 we have been upstairs at 317 Columbia Street, New Westminster. In 2009 the ISA celebrated its 50th anniversary.